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Collaborative Divorce Process

Your marriage began with compassion and compromise. With Collaborative process, it can end the same way.

Collaborative process is based on the concept that a divorcing or otherwise transitioning couple can work together in a non-adversarial way, with their respective attorneys and other professionals, such as coaches, financial specialists, or child specialists who may be involved, to end their marriage. The goals of collaborative divorce include emphasizing the needs of children, allowing the spouses to exercise more control over the process, and maintaining a respectful relationship for the future. The process is designed to consider the interests of each party and their children, to avoid the emotional stress and anxiety associated with litigation, and to ensure that issues such as custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and division of property are resolved in a way that meets the most important interests of each party. This method also respects the privacy of the divorcing couple, since the negotiations take place out of court, before any legal papers have been filed. If the negotiations result in an agreement, the parties’ attorneys file the necessary documents with the court after the agreement has been reached.  If, for some reason, the collaborative process does not result in an agreement, the collaborative attorneys are required to withdraw from the representation, and the parties would retain new attorneys for the litigation process. 

Carter Family Law Group is recognized as a leader in collaborative divorce process. Marjorie has received extensive training in the collaborative process and was instrumental in the formation of the Collaborative Family Law Association, an interdisciplinary practice group.

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